Astra Film Festival 2014

Submissions are now open for ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL 2014, which will take place between 6. and 12. October.

You can submit your film for one of the following sections in the official programme:

– INTERNATIONAL (competitive) – world documentaries;
– CENTRAL&EASTERN EUROPE (competitive) – documentaries produced by and/or on Central & Eastern European contemporary issues;
– ROMANIA (competitive) – Romanian productions / co-productions;
– STUDENT (competitive) – film school production made as part of film school course work;
– PANORAMA (non-competitive) – International showcase;
– MADE IN ROMANIA (non-competitive) – documentaries on issues in Romania, not restricted to Romanian productions
– ECOCINEMATOGRAFF (non-competitive) – documentaries on environmental issues

Please read the Rules & Regulations carefully, and fill in the online submission form.

Submission deadline: April 15, 2014.

Screeners must arrive at the festival within the submission period.

You can mail your screener on DVD (two copies), or provide a link to a downloadable online version.

AFF SIBIU is a major event in the European film community. The Festival is located in Sibiu – Romania, and it is unique in this part of Europe. It is the place to see great documentaries, to feel the pulse of EasternEuropeam and Romanian documentary film production, meet fellow-filmmakers from around the world, debate upon major issues faced by documentarists while exposing real life and real people on the big screen, and interact with professionals and with an enthusiastic audience.

We are looking forward to receiving your films!

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