Visual Anthropology, vol. 27, n. 1-2

Visual Anthropology
Volume 27, Numbers 1-2

Reflections on the Lens

Isabelle de Rezende
Elsewhere in the Belgian Congo ca. 1953: Luc de Heusch Films the Tetela-Hamba

Wesley Mathew
Reality in Ethnographic Film: Documentary vs. Docudrama

Daniela Vavrova
Cinema in the Bush

Maureen T. Schwartz
Searching for a Feminist Western: The Searchers, The Hired Hand

Giulia Battaglia
The Video Turn: Documentary Film Practices in 1980s India

Alex Vailati
Seeing the Distance: Video Production among Rural South African Youth

Aseel Sawalha
After Amnesia: Memory War in two Lebanese Films

Joy T. Taylor
“Legend Has It…”: Imagining the Ethnograohic Encounter in The Grudge and The Maid

Thomas Y. T. Luk
Hollywood’s Hong Kong: Cold War Imagery and Urban Transformation in Edward Dmytryk’s Soldier of Fortune

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