NAFA Film Festival 2016


Sept 21th – 24th, 2016

“We get to know so much about how people die in Africa, but so little about how they live.”
— Henning Mankell, Swedish author.

Our impression of the world is influenced by the images we see in the news media. However, the news cover the exceptional, the abnormal. We get less information about the everyday life of ordinary people. This – the everyday life, how people relate to each other – is the research subject of anthropology. Anthropological film as a genre is based first and foremost on the anthropological method, which includes long periods of fieldwork and recording images. Anthropological films reveal an approach to the field that is based on mutual trust and insight into the values on which people base their everyday lives.

More and more non-Western film schools and independent filmmakers have entered the field of anthropological filmmaking. It is no longer a matter of the white man travelling to an exotic place and documenting “the other”. Filmmakers who themselves are from these “exotic” locations, now present their own films and show us their society as they see it. Furthermore, they turn the camera towards the Western countries and cultural phenomena in our countries. In many ways the field of anthropological filmmaking has been through a democratisation process.

The NAFA website ( is an important arena for films not normally seen and voices not normally heard in the Western media and visual culture.

Submissions Open
Film submissions for the NAFA film festival are open until April 8th, 2016.

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