Hacia el giro corporal en la antropología visual: imágenes, sentidos y corporalidades en la Colombia contemporánea by Catalina Cortés Severino Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2019 Publisher link El libro presenta algunas reflexiones sobre el campo contemporáneo de la antropología visual, derivadas de la experiencia investigativa de la autora en los últimos años. Si bien Continue Reading
Toni de Bromhead Muddied Waters. The Fictionalisation of Ethnographic Film 2019, Intervention Press Website Visual anthropologists and ethnographic film-makers continue to disagree on what is and what is not ethnographic film. Meanwhile the situation becomes ever more unclear, possibly to the detriment of ethnographic film. Toni de Bromhead now tackles this problem from Continue Reading
Carmela Garritano African Video Movies and Global Desires. A Ghanaian History 2015, Ohio University Press Website African Video Movies and Global Desires is the first full-length scholarly study of Ghana’s commercial video industry, an industry that has produced thousands of movies over the last twenty years and has grown into an influential source of cultural […]Continue Reading
Jonathan Haynes (ed) Nigerian Video Films 2000, Ohio University Press Website Nigerian video films—dramatic features shot on video and sold as cassettes—are being produced at the rate of nearly one a day, making them the major contemporary art form in Nigeria. The history of African film offers no precedent for such a huge, popularly based […]Continue Reading
Robert J. Gordon Picturing Bushmen. The Denver African Expedition of 1925 OHIO UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1997 https://www.ohioswallow.com/book/Picturing+Bushmen The Denver African Expedition of 1925 sought “the cradle of Humanity.” The explorers returned claiming to have found the “Missing Link” in the Heikum bushmen of the Kalahari—and they proceeded to market this image. As Continue Reading
Modernist Art in Ethiopia Elizabeth W. Giorgis Ohio University Press, 2019 Web Site If modernism initially came to Africa through colonial contact, what does Ethiopia’s inimitable historical condition—its independence save for five years under Italian occupation—mean for its own modernist tradition? In Modernist Art in Ethiopia—the first book-length study of the Continue Reading