SIEF 2015 12th Congress

SIEF 2015 12th Congress
Zagreb, Croatia
21-25 June 2015

We invite submissions that address topics such as heritage, cultural imaginary, everyday practices and realities, future of humanities, sustainable development and innovation and change to be interpreted in the broadest sense. We also encourage innovative methodological and technological approaches in visualizing culture in line with new media arts, digital ethnographies and experimental video.

Filming realities, imagining utopias: potential of new media and digital arts in humanities; Heritage on the Screen: Utopias in Making; Future of the Past: Cultural heritage and sustainable development.

Filmmakers and other staff connected to the production are encouraged to attend for the discussion that will follow each screening.

Submission process
To propose a film please click on the ‘Propose a Paper’ link.; in the “Short Abstract” please provide the billing of the film; in the “Long Abstract” please include: Director, Runtime in minutes, Year of production, Location, Production/distribution
Films that are not in English must be subtitled in English.

Submissions must be sent by post to:
Tanja Bukovcan and Tamara Nikolic Deric
Filozofski fakultet
Odsjek za etnologiju i kulturnu antropologiju
Ivana Lucica 3
10 000 Zagreb

Online submissions can be sent to: Tanja Bukovčan tbukovcan(at) and Tamara Nikolić Đerić tamara(at)

Submissions must be received before 14th January 2015. Preview Copies must be in DVD format but the Screening Copy can be in BluRay or DVD.

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