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Visual Anthropology, Vol 31, n 1-2 Summary Introduction Stormy Winds and Southern Comfort(s): On Categories, Strategies, and Cartographies Việt Lê & Lan Duong Diaspora Võ Hồng Chương-Đài The Future of Lao Cinema: The New Wave Panivong Norindr The Moving Image as Incident of Disappearance Patrick D. Flores Surfing the Korean Wave: Wonder Gays and the […]Continue Reading
Visual Ethnography Vol. 6, N. 1, June 2017 VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY. TOOLS, ARCHIVES AND RESEARCH METHODS Issue edited by Camilo Leon-Quijano and Florencia Muñoz-Ebensperger Summary VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY: TOOLS, ARCHIVES AND RESEARCH METHODS. INTRODUCTION Open access article. Register the journal to read it CAMILO LEON-QUIJANO FRAMING A STORY OF POSSIBILITIES: THE Continue Reading
Studies in Visual Communication 1974-1985 Studies in Visual Communication (SVC) grew out of the pioneer Studies in the Anthropology of Visual Communication (SAVICOMM) that was launched in 1974 under the auspices of the American Anthropological Association and edited by Sol Worth of the Annenberg School at Penn. The journal signaled a revival of scholarly work […]Continue Reading
Visual Anthropology Vol. 30, N. 3 SUMMARY Introduction City Visualscapes, an Introduction Valentina Anzoise, Paolo Barberi & Giuseppe Scandurra Perception and (re)framing of Urban Environments: A Methodological Reflection toward Sentient Research Valentina Anzoise Video Ethnography and Critical Research for More Democratic Urbanization: The Case of Milan’s Chinatown Continue Reading
Visual Ethnography Vol. 5, N. 2, 2016 Exploring Digital Ethnography through Embodied Perspective, Role-Playing and Community Participation and Design Issue edited by Natalie Underberg-Goode (University of Central Florida) SUMMARY ARTICLES Exploring Digital Ethnography through Embodied Perspective, Role-Playing and Community Participation and Design. Continue Reading
Visual Anthropology, vol. 29, n. 4-5 Summary Dmitry V. Arzyutov Samoyedic Diary: Early Years of Visual Anthropology in the Soviet Arctic Lamont Lindstrom Shooting Melanesians: Martin Johnson and Edward Salisbury in the Southwest Pacific Roos Gerritsen Intimacy on Display: Movie Stars, Images and Everyday Life in South India Arnd Schneider A Black Box for Participatory […]Continue Reading
Visual Ethnography, Vol. 5, n. 1, 2016 Participatory Approaches to Visual Ethnography from the Digital to the Handmade Issue edited by Francesca Bayre, Krista Harper and Ana I. Afonso Summary FRANCESCA BAYRE, KRISTA HARPER, ANA ISABEL AFONSO PARTICIPATORY APPROACHES TO VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY FROM THE DIGITAL TO THE HANDMADE. AN INTRODUCTION Open access > Continue Reading
Visual Anthropology, Vol. 29, N. 3 Special Issue: Visual Revolutions in the Middle East Visual Revolutions in the Middle East Mark R. Westmoreland & Diana K. Allan 14.3 Seconds: Politics, Art and the Archival Imagination Peter Limbrick Thinking with X-rays: Investigating the Politics of Visibility through the Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid’s Photography Collection Continue Reading
Visual Anthropology Vol. 29 N. 2 Special Issue: Medicine, Photography and Anthropology Christos Lynteris & Ruth J. Prince Anthropology and Medical Photography: Ethnographic, Critical and Comparative Perspectives Pp. 101-117 Christos Lynteris The Prophetic Faculty of Epidemic Photography: Chinese Wet Markets and the Imagination of the Next Pandemic Pp. 118-132 Ann H. Continue Reading