Découvrez la programmation complète de l’édition anniversaire 2021 du Festival international Jean Rouch.Ci-joint, en attaché, le programme .pdf ainsi qu’un lien de téléchargement : https://bit.ly/30ac8HKNous vous attendons nombreux au musée du quai Branly, à l’Inalco et au musée de l’Homme, entre le 18 et le 28 novembre. Venez Continue Reading
RIGA PASAULES FILM FESTIVAL (RPFF) April 25-28, 2019 Website Call for films 2019 Deadline: December 17, 2018 Event dates: April 25-28, 2019 is an annual documentary film festival that explores the intersections between cinema and ethnography. Held at the art-house cinema “Kino Bize” in the heart of Riga’s Art Nouveau district, the festival is intended […]Continue Reading
The Athens Ethnographic Film Festival continues the exploration of the anthropological world through the image and, for its 6th edition, is looking for films made by anthropologists (or related background), including students' works, either as dissertations or as assignments. Continue Reading
Submissions are now open for ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL 2014, which will take place between 6. and 12. October. You can submit your film for one of the following sections in the official programme: – INTERNATIONAL (competitive) – world documentaries; – CENTRAL&EASTERN EUROPE (competitive) – documentaries produced by and/or on Central & Eastern Continue Reading
Journal of Video Ethnography Call for Reviewers The newly launched Journal of Video Ethnography (JVE) is a venture of DePaul University’s Social Science Research Center. JVE is the first ever peer-reviewed journal of ethnographic films and videos. The aim of this journal is to advance the social scientific use of video/film as a method for […]Continue Reading
Cochengo Miranda (1974, 53 min.) by Jorge Preloran Distribution: DER The extensive region of the Pampas in Central Argentina is one of the most fertile in the world. However, as the rains subside towards the West, the land becomes arid and dry. Here live a sparse population of rugged cattlemen whose nearest neighbor may be […]Continue Reading
Imaginero. The Image Man (1970, 53 min.) by Jorge Preloran Distribution: DER Imaginero is an ethnobiography of Hermógenes Cayo, a self-taught woodcarver and painter who lives on the high Andean plateau of Argentina. The film portrays Hermógenes, his wife Aurelia Kilpe, and their children in their Andean lifestyle, as well as Hermogenes’ passion for painting, […]Continue Reading