EASA Conference in Tallin 2014

Call for papers : EASA conference in Tallin 2014 – visual related activities
The call for papers closes 27. February 2014.

Here a list of activities (film programme, laboratories, workshops) related
to visual anthropology

F001 Film programme

L001 Laboratories
We are interested in receiving proposals that:
.explore non-textual and non-linear presentations of anthropological
knowledge; . entail collaborative forms of presentation as an alternative to
the individualistic approach to the scholarly presentation; . offer
experiential presentations that are characterised by action and
participation; . produce an immersive environment where people share
insights and skills, and experiment without a definitive idea of what might

L003 Anthropologies of art

P036 Participatory visual and digital research in anthropology: engagement
and innovation

P065 Media futures: media anthropology of, for and through the notion of

P070 Collaborative revolutions: tracing the variety of responses to current
art practices, objects and images

P087 Collective imaginations and collaborative art practice

P111 Collaboration in visual work: with whom, how, what for? (VANEASA)

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