Visual Anthropology, Vol. 28, n. 1, January-February 2015 Popular Pictorial Arts SUMMARY Alice Tilche Pithora in the Time of Kings, Elephants and Art Dealers: Art and Social Change in Western India Paul Hockings Disaster Dawn: The Illustred London News in the Mid-19th Century Axel Philipps Defining Visual Street Art: In Contrast to Political Stencils Michel […]Continue Reading
Visual Anthropology, Vol. 27, n. 5 Summary ARTICLES Who Has the Last Laugh? Nanook of the North and Some New Thoughts on an Old Classic Anna Grimshaw pages 421-435 Where Is the Theory in Visual Anthropology? Paul Hockings, Keyan G. Tomaselli, Jay Ruby, David MacDougall, Drid Williams, Albert Piette, Maureen T. Schwarz & Silvio Carta […]Continue Reading
Visual Anthropology, Vol. 27, n. 4 Summary Beyond the “African” Archive Paradigm Erin Haney & Jürg Schneider pages 307-315 Demand and Supply: Francis W. Joaque, an Early African Photographer in an Emerging Market Jürg Schneider pages 316-338 Bonnevide: Photographie des Colonies: Early Studio Photography in Senegal Patricia Hickling pages 339-361 Going to Sea: Continue Reading
Summary Johanna C. Scherer Artifact Identification Using Historical Photographs: The case of red Cloud’s Mankin Siobhan Campbell Anthony Forge in Bali: The Making of a Museum Collection REVIEW ESSAY Antonio Marazzi An Encyclopedic Art Biennale in Venice BOOK REVIEWS Micah Trippe Programming Film Festivals Paul Hockings Translating Museums Tweet #visualanthropologyContinue Reading
The Centre of Visual Anthropology is part of the Department of Anthropology at Goldsmiths and its emergence reflects various research themes in the Department as well as postgraduate programmes involving photography, filmmaking, museum studies and anthropology. The Centre provides a strong focus for current departmental research initiatives in visual theory and practice. Continue Reading
Call for papers : EASA conference in Tallin 2014 – visual related activities The call for papers closes 27. February 2014. Here a list of activities (film programme, laboratories, workshops) related to visual anthropology F001 Film programme Tweet #visualanthropologyContinue Reading
Vol. 26, n. 5 October-December 2013 Editor: Paul Hockings In cooperation with the Commission on Visual Anthropology Summary Paul Henley Thick Inscription and the Unwitting Witness: Reading Films of Alfred Haddon and Baldwin Spencer Stefka Hristova “Doing a Lynndie”: Iconography of a Gesture FILM REVIEWS MEDIA REVIEWS BOOK REVIEWS Tweet #visualanthropologyContinue Reading