Visual Anthropology vol. 28, n. 4, 2015

Visual Anthropology vol. 28, n. 4, 2015


Geoffrey Gowlland
Imaging/Imagining Craftwork

Alanna Cant
One Image, Two Stories: Ethnographic and Touristic Photography and the Practice of Craft in Mexico

Geoffrey Gowlland
Unpacking Craft Skills: What Can Images Reveal about the Embodied Experience of Craft?

Soumhya Venkatesan
After the Event: Video and Its Potential for Uncovering Information

Trevor H. J. Marchand
A Diary of Filmmaking with Djenné Masons: From “Studies of” toward “Studies with”

Tom G. Svensson
On Craft and Art: Some Thoughts on Repatriation and Collecting Policy—The Case of Collections at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

Anders Emil Rasmussen
Images as Things: Photographing and Filming kastom in Papua New Guinea

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