Participatory Visual and Digital Research in Action

Aline Gubrium, Krista Harper and Marty Otanez
Participatory Visual and Digital Research in Action
Left Coast Press, 2015

This collection of original articles, a companion to the authors’ Participatory Visual and Digital Methods, illustrates how innovative visual and digital research techniques are being used in various field projects in healt care, environmental policy, urban planning, education and youth development, and heritage management settings. These methodologies produce rich visual and narrative data guided by participant interests and priorities, key tools for collaborative work.

The 16 chapters include digital storytelling, PhotoVoice, community-based filmmaking, participatory mapping and GIS, and participatory digital archival research;
provide a portfolio of model research projects for researchers who wish to collaborate on community-based studies;
will appeal to an audience across social science, heritage, health, education, and social service fields.


Part I: Photovoice
Chapter 2: Picturing Transactional $ex: Ethics, Challenges and Possibilities, Ciann Wilson and Sarah Flicker
Chapter 3: Seeing Differently: Enticing Reflexivity through Mediated Participation in Place in the Futurescape City Tours, Cynthia Selin, Gretchen Gano, et al.

Part II: Digital Storytelling
Chapter 4: Digital Storytelling and the Hepatitis C Virus Project, Marty Otañez and Andrés Guerrero
Chapter 5: Encounters of Political Listening: Interrogating Asylum Policy Through Co-Creative Documentary Practice, Darcy Alexandra

Part III: Participatory Video and Multimedia
Chapter 6: Participatory Video at Gixtaala, Charles Menzies
Chapter 7: “A Hard Way Out”: Improvisational Video and Youth Participatory Action Research, Jean Schensul
Chapter 8: Games Without Frontiers: App Design as Networked Anthropology, Matthew Durington and Samuel Collins

Part IV: Participatory Mapping and GIS
Chapter 9: Counter-Mapping as Situated Knowledge: Integrating Lay Expertise in Participatory Geographic Research, Nick Rattray
Chapter 10: Beyond Words: The Transformative Practice (and Politics) of Digital Spatial and Visual Ethnography in a Rural Shale Gas Boomtown, Simona Perry

Part V: Participatory Digital Archives and Museums
Chapter 11: PeruDigital: Ethnographic Storytelling through Iterative Design, Natalie Underberg
Chapter 12: Showcasing Heritage: Engaging Local Communities through Museum Practice, Madeleine Tudor and Alaka Wali
Chapter 13: Ethnography of an Ethnographic Somali Photography Archive in Maine, Catherine Besteman

Part VI: Mixing It Up: Hybrid Approaches to Participatory Visual and Digital Research
Chapter 14: Participatory Design for the Common Good, Nancy Fried Foster
Chapter 15: Caminemos Juntos: Collaboration, Ethnography and Design in Northeast Los Angeles, Elizabeth Chin, Cayla McCrae, Morgan Marzek, Tina Zeng
Chapter 16: Resurrecting Rosewood: New Heritage as Applied Visual Anthropology, Edward González-Tennant

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