Visual Anthropology, Vol. 27, n. 4

Visual Anthropology, Vol. 27, n. 4


Beyond the “African” Archive Paradigm
Erin Haney & Jürg Schneider
pages 307-315

Demand and Supply: Francis W. Joaque, an Early African Photographer in an Emerging Market
Jürg Schneider
pages 316-338

Bonnevide: Photographie des Colonies: Early Studio Photography in Senegal
Patricia Hickling
pages 339-361

Going to Sea: Photographic Publics of the Free and Newly Freed
Erin Haney
pages 362-378

The Biography of a Visual Archive: The Production of Hermic Films in Spanish Guinea (1944–46)
Francesca Bayre & Alba Valenciano-Mañé
pages 379-393

Mali’s Photographic Memory: From Outsider Readings to National Reclaiming
Érika Nimis
pages 394-409

Picturing Secrecy? The Visualization of “Secret Societies” in Historical Photographs from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cameroon
Nanina Guyer
pages 410-414

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