Visual Anthropology Vol. 30, N. 3

Visual Anthropology
Vol. 30, N. 3


City Visualscapes, an Introduction
Valentina Anzoise, Paolo Barberi & Giuseppe Scandurra

Perception and (re)framing of Urban Environments: A Methodological Reflection toward Sentient Research
Valentina Anzoise

Video Ethnography and Critical Research for More Democratic Urbanization: The Case of Milan’s Chinatown
Lidia Katia C. Manzo

Who Says More? City Tales between Thought and Images
Erika Lazzarino

Between Inside and Outside: Projects of Visual Research inside Italian Prisons
Valentina Bonifacio & Rossella Schillaci

Skilled Vision: The Homeless City—Behind the Making of an Ethnographic Documentary
Angelo Romano & Simone Hardin

Photography and Urban Marginality
Giuseppe Scandurra

Instagram-City: New Media, and the Social Perception of Public Spaces
Patrizia Toscano

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