6th Athens Ethnographic Film Festival

6th Athens Ethnographic Film Festival

The Athens Ethnographic Film Festival continues the exploration of the anthropological world through the image and, for its 6th edition, is looking for films made by anthropologists (or related background), including students’ works, either as dissertations or as assignments.

The Festival is looking for:
– student films by anthropologists (or related academic fields), either made as their dissertation film or as part of their dissertation.
– films by anthropologists (or related academic fields) who resume their cinematic searches after their postgraduate or doctorate studies.
– films by professional filmmakers or film school students, who collaborated with anthropologists or other social scientists during the making of the film.

Eligible are the films produced in the last three years. The deadline is on 15th July, 2015.

Please fill in the entry form (attached) and send it at info@ethnofest.gr, and send a DVD copy of your film to:

Athens Ethnographic Film Festival
P.O. Box 66009
15501 Holargos

Alternatively, you can send a password-protected, private link to an online screener, along with the filled-in entry form, to info@ethnofest.gr.

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