Visual Anthropology vol. 29, n. 1

Visual Anthropology vol. 29, n. 1


Death and Rebirth: Images of Death in Sicily
Rosario Perricone
pages 1-21

Contemporary Chinese TV Serials: Configuring Collective Memory of Socialist Nostalgia via the Cultural Revolution
Shenshen Cai
pages 22-35

The Epidemiologist as Culture Hero: Visualizing Humanity in the Age of “the Next Pandemic”
Christos Lynteris
pages 36-53

Afterlives of Dean C. Worcester’s Colonial Photographs: Visualizing Igorot Material Culture, from Archives to Anthropological Fieldwork in Northern Luzon
Analyn Salvador-Amores
pages 54-80

Visuality in Times Long Past
Paul Hockings, Johan Hegardt & David Arnold
pages 81-92

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