Robert J. Gordon Picturing Bushmen. The Denver African Expedition of 1925 OHIO UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1997 The Denver African Expedition of 1925 sought “the cradle of Humanity.” The explorers returned claiming to have found the “Missing Link” in the Heikum bushmen of the Kalahari—and they proceeded to market this image. As Continue Reading
Photograph by Tito Mouraz Association Arpia Appel à candidatures ARPIA, association de recherche et production d’images en anthropologie et art, reçoit de propositions pour une projection dans le cadre des Rencontres d’Arpia et pour sa galerie virtuelle. En 2016, les propositions reçues seront présentées à un comité de sélection Continue Reading
Elizabeth Edwards and Christopher Morton (eds) Photographs, Museums, Collections. Beetwen Art and Information 2015, London-New York, Bloomsbury The status of photographs in the history of museum collections is a complex one. From its very beginnings the double capacity of photography – as a tool for making a visual record on the one hand and an […]Continue Reading
Diane Dammeyer Fellowship in Photographic Arts and Social Issues The Diane Dammeyer Fellowship in Photographic Arts and Social Issues is a unique collaboration between the Photography Department at Columbia College Chicago and Heartland Alliance, a leading global anti-poverty organization. This postgraduate fellowship creates a space for socially engaged artists to produce Continue Reading
Designed for photographers, artists and ethnographers whose work address notions of urban space and culture, the international Urban Photography Summer School provides a highly intensive two-week practical and theoretical training in key aspects of urban visual practice. The course aims to offer participants a wide range of relevant skills resulting in the production of a Continue Reading
Historically, photographs of Indigenous Australians were often produced under unequal and exploitative circumstances. Today, however, such images represent a rich cultural heritage for descendants who can use this rich archive to explore Aboriginal history, to identify relatives, and to reclaim culture.Continue Reading
Anthropology and Photography 2014 British Museum, Clore Centre, 29-31 May 2014 The Royal Anthropological Institute is pleased to announce that a conference ‘Anthropology and Photography’ will take place at the British Museum, Clore Centre, in conjunction with the museum’s Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas. The aim of the Continue Reading