CALL FOR PROJECTS 2015 (re-opened)

SoundImageCulture (SIC) is an internationally oriented workspace that operates at the intersection of cinema, anthroploogy and contemporary art. SoundImageCulture / SIC is a group of artist-anthropologists committed to artful storytelling through real human encounters that challenge documentary conventions, and opens up to sound and image installations.

SIC offers an environment for the development of personal audiovisual creations through 8 months of artistic coaching: active workshops, individual advise, group critiques and inter-artist dialogues. For additional perspectives, we invite critics and international artists. During the last years we invited Ben Russell, Ursula Biemann, Christopher Wright, Itsushi Kawase, Olivier De Kegel, Lonnie Van Brummelen & Siebren De Haan, Federico Rossin, Jeff Silva among others.
SIC is open to people with experience in the arts, cinema and anthropology. The selection is based on an audiovisual project proposal [film, video, installation, sound creation,…] submitted by the candidate [see the website for more info].
The modules and group sessions are in English.

Projects submission : Before 15th of March 2015
Selection/interview : on the 23rd of March 2015
Participation fee : 1. 000 Euro
Location : Brussels (Belgium)
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Contact :
Wim Viaene
+32(0)484 07 94 26