Caméras des Champs. Festival International du Film Documentaire sur la Ruralité

Caméras des Champs
Festival International du Film Documentaire sur la Ruralité
18ème édition du 19 au 22 mai 2016 – Ville-sur-Yron (54)

The 18 th edition of the international festival of documentary films related to rurality will be held in Ville-sur-Yron from 19 till 22 May
2016. It is organised by the village Council and the Rural Home of Ville-sur-Yron, in cooperation with the Lorraine Regional Natural Park.
The festival is supported by the Lorraine Regional Council, the Meurthe-et-Moselle General Council, the Lorraine Regional Direction
for Cultural Affairs, the Community of Communes of Jarnisy and the municipality of Ville-sur-Yron. For 18 years, “Caméras des Champs”
has been the means of showing the changes in the rural world. So, far from being a backward glance on the countryside world, the aim of the
18 th festival remains the same:
> to arouse an exchange of ideas on the evolution of the
landscapes, on the social practices of the countrypeople and
neocountrypeople, on the impact of technologies on the villages
and their dwellings,
> to see how each individual’s representations of the rural
world change, whether he lives in a city or a village, whether he
is an artist or a decision-maker.

This glance and these evolutions are not limited to the nearest
horizons, to the landscapes and the regional ways of life, but extend
much beyond the too often reducing clichés. On the contrary, the
variety of the rural worlds should induce everyone to compare, to
question, to change the scale of his own perceptions. Only the filmimage,
because it is multifarious, allows this exchange, this singular
vision, this mosaic composition of the rural spaces. And the video,
because it is a flexible and easily accessible support of creation,
allows amateurs as well as professionals to grasp and reproduce a
plural vision of the world. A festival also brings the opportunity for
various people to meet. The viewing of pictures relating to a central
theme (the rural world) leads to a rich reflexion by allowing the
viewers as well as the creators to break with the routine of the
continuous flow of TV pictures which are too often received passively.
By providing an organized frame for the competition and the
opportunity for critical exchanges with the public after each viewing,
the festival also brings an extra motivation to independant creators.
For directors, the festival is also the means of having their film
broadcast and acknowledged.

The festival awards 5 kinds of prizes:
-The jury awards 3 prizes
– Village Magazine and the France-Inter radio programme
«Carnets de Campagne», also supporting the festival, award the
prize «Champs d’Espoir»,
– The public and the inhabitants award their own prize,
– The Daniel Guilhen prize is awarded as an encouragement to a
first film.
– the students award their prize too.

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