Visual Ethnography vol. 4, n.1 (2015)

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Table of Contents

Kathrin Oester, Bernadette Brunner
Jean Rouch Back in School: Teaching and research as a parallel process through media projects with adolescents in Switzerland

Diana M. Ruggiero
Más allá del fútbol: Validating Afro-Latino Culture and Decolonizing the Curriculum through Film and Filmmaking

MariaNovella Carniani
Kolam, Kalam e arte contemporanea. L’appropriazione nella prospettiva dell’agency

Maria Luisa Ciminelli
Microestetica del potere. La linea gialla

Pietro Meloni
A fieldwork on the move. Fare autoetnografia alla Biennale d’Arte di Venezia

Wesley Shrum, Greg Scott
New Directions in Public Engagement: Ethnografilm and the Journal of Video Ethnography

Chiara Scardozzi
Honhat. The Name of the Land

Andrés Roccatagliata
London Non-Permanent Home

Diana Ruggiero
Más allá del fútbol

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