Share your live event on and Facebook Group

Share your live event  with more than 10.500 people on our Facebook group and on this website!

  • Organize your event on Facebook live;
  • Read here our general rules to publish announcements;
  • Send a request to share your event using the form (Please, include the date and the time).
  • If your request is accepted, schedule your event and send us the code to embed the video in the website (see the picture below);
  • See here
  • Questions? Need help? Write us.

What kind of live video I can share on this website and in the Facebook group?
Presentation of books, conferences, lectures, interviews, etc

I don’t know how set up my streaming of Facebook…
See the Facebook guide here. We suggest you to use OBS software for streaming. See how to stream Facebook Live on OBS here.

I want donate for this service. What amount you suggest me?
We suggest you to donate 20 €

Click on the picture to enlarge or see the complete Facebook guide here


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