How to publish announcements on this website and Facebook group.


How many visitors will see my announcement on this website and Facebook?

Currently has about 70 visitors per day, 2100 visitors per month. Facebook group has more than 10.780 members.

Publishing on Facebook too… This sounds great! How it works?

If you are a member of the Facebook group and you want announce a commercial event (with fee or ticket) , you have to:
1) post the announcement by yourself;
2) donate 10 € and write to the administrator that donation is done;
3) the administrator will approve your post in few time and will publish it on this website.

I want promote a product, it is possible?

Yes, it’s possible. Use the contact form in this website. To promote a book for free contact the admnistrator.

I am not on Facebook, how I can publish my post?

Don’t worry, we will publish the announcement for you.

I’d like put a picture of my event as a cover of the Facebook group.

If you want that a picture of your event is published as a cover of the group, please donate 15 €. Of course your announcement will be as well published on the group and on the website.

I’d like share a Facebook live video of my event on and the Facebook group. What I have to do?

Please read here how share your event. We suggest you to donate 20 € for sharing your event (announcement included).