Vizantrop Festival 2019

Vizantrop Festival 2019

VAC’s 7th School of Visual Anthropology invites film-makers, anthropologists, photographers, social scientists and activists from all over the World to join us in Belgrade between the 10th and 20th of July 2019 and take the opportunity to learn, share knowledge, experience and be a part of our hub. VAC isn’t merely looking for participants but people who want to be part of an international community of socially engaged documentarists.


Apply on our website: 

We believe that the development of a global consciousness of humanity is only possible
if there are international organizations that set the enforcing of such consciousness as their
goal. The VAC in Belgrade is our first step on a long road that leads to a global network of
similar hubs aiming to be a powerhouse of socially sensitive artistic and scientific work.
We are a completely independent non-profit organization, not a part of any existing
institution. Although we are not opposed to collaboration with governmental institutions, we
do not want our infrastructure to depend on anybody else but the community we are creating.
We want our unique artistic and scientific approach to stay free and individual, non-biased by
existing power structures and political tendencies.

We have successfully organized the School of Visual Anthropology workshop five years
consecutively; more than 100 people participated with the help of 30 lecturers and mentors. Last year we opened for the first time to international applicants and it was the best choice we’d ever made. Local scholars had new impulse, foreigners saw a new environment – it was inspirational for all of us.

 This year we set ourselves a new goal – for the whole initiative to be global! Our participants will learn how do we see this happening, and we’d like to learn from them how would they go about it.

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