Carmela Garritano African Video Movies and Global Desires. A Ghanaian History 2015, Ohio University Press Website African Video Movies and Global Desires is the first full-length scholarly study of Ghana’s commercial video industry, an industry that has produced thousands of movies over the last twenty years and has grown into an influential source of cultural […]Continue Reading
Robert J. Gordon Picturing Bushmen. The Denver African Expedition of 1925 OHIO UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1997 The Denver African Expedition of 1925 sought “the cradle of Humanity.” The explorers returned claiming to have found the “Missing Link” in the Heikum bushmen of the Kalahari—and they proceeded to market this image. As Continue Reading
Sylvie Bredeloup Migrations d'aventures. Terrains africains 2014, CTHS Considérer l’aventure comme une clé de lecture permet de jeter un regard décalé sur les migrations africaines et de sortir de l’ombre le caractère incertain et souvent individuel de l’expérience migratoire.Continue Reading