Sjón International Anthropological Film Festival 2018

Welcome to the second edition of Sjón International Anthropological Film Festival! 

9th-10th March, 2018

Sjón is an annual festival screening anthropological audio-visual works. It takes the shape of an anthropological playground consisting of two parts: the screening of works made by filmmakers with an anthropological, ethnological, folklore etc background and an interactive, participatory space for experimentation with form and concepts.

Outside our annual events, Sjón is also an international collective of visual anthropologists with various backgrounds, interested in multi-sensorial experimentation.

Our first event was in February 2017. The open call theme was FILMINUTES, and we screened 31 films from around the world. Before the screening there was a talk with Emelie Tullio (FR) about visual and sensory approaches to doing fieldwork and after the screening there was a movement workshop with Casper Hernández Cordes (DK). For a list of all the participating works, click here.

Our second event will be held on March 9th-10th 2018, with the theme of FOODWAYS. We focus on work that engages with this concept (production, transportation, consumption, perception, etc) and that encourages audiences to challenge their relationship to & understanding of how food impacts their lives. We have received over 450 submissions and at the moment we are working on preparing and publishing the programme. Besides the screenings, there will be talks, workshops, experiences, installations, performance … and of course, food!



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