Visual Ethnography, vol. 4, n. 1, 2015 Issue in printed version: € 16 + shipment Subscription The journal is available also in online version at Table of Contents ARTICLES Kathrin Oester, Bernadette Brunner Jean Rouch Back in School: Teaching and research as a parallel process through media projects with adolescents in Switzerland Diana M. […]Continue Reading
Visual Anthropology vol. 28, n. 4, 2015 SUMMARY Geoffrey Gowlland Imaging/Imagining Craftwork Alanna Cant One Image, Two Stories: Ethnographic and Touristic Photography and the Practice of Craft in Mexico Geoffrey Gowlland Unpacking Craft Skills: What Can Images Reveal about the Embodied Experience of Craft? Soumhya Venkatesan After the Event: Video and Its Potential for Continue Reading
Summary Paul Hockings Introduction: Style among Visual Anthropologists Drid Williams Style in the DAnce and Human Movement Studies Frank Vigneron Period Style as "Life Cycle" in Euro-American and Chinese Painting Silvio Carta Documentary Film, Observational Style and Postmodern Anthropology Continue Reading
Summary Keyan G. Tomaselli Virtual Religion, the Fantastic, and Electronic Ontology Yancey Orr Animal Magnetism: Perceiving Environmental Objects as Social Subjects among Balinese Looking at Roosters Andrew Dicks Stories from Below: Subject-generated Comics Kathleen Harrington-Watt The Continue Reading
Visual Anthropology, Vol. 28, n. 1, January-February 2015 Popular Pictorial Arts SUMMARY Alice Tilche Pithora in the Time of Kings, Elephants and Art Dealers: Art and Social Change in Western India Paul Hockings Disaster Dawn: The Illustred London News in the Mid-19th Century Axel Philipps Defining Visual Street Art: In Contrast to Political Stencils Michel […]Continue Reading
Visual Anthropology, Vol. 27, n. 5 Summary ARTICLES Who Has the Last Laugh? Nanook of the North and Some New Thoughts on an Old Classic Anna Grimshaw pages 421-435 Where Is the Theory in Visual Anthropology? Paul Hockings, Keyan G. Tomaselli, Jay Ruby, David MacDougall, Drid Williams, Albert Piette, Maureen T. Schwarz & Silvio Carta […]Continue Reading
Visual Anthropology, Vol. 27, n. 4 Summary Beyond the “African” Archive Paradigm Erin Haney & Jürg Schneider pages 307-315 Demand and Supply: Francis W. Joaque, an Early African Photographer in an Emerging Market Jürg Schneider pages 316-338 Bonnevide: Photographie des Colonies: Early Studio Photography in Senegal Patricia Hickling pages 339-361 Going to Sea: Continue Reading
Summary Johanna C. Scherer Artifact Identification Using Historical Photographs: The case of red Cloud’s Mankin Siobhan Campbell Anthony Forge in Bali: The Making of a Museum Collection REVIEW ESSAY Antonio Marazzi An Encyclopedic Art Biennale in Venice BOOK REVIEWS Micah Trippe Programming Film Festivals Paul Hockings Translating Museums Tweet #visualanthropologyContinue Reading
Visual Anthropology Volume 27, Numbers 1-2 Reflections on the Lens Isabelle de Rezende Elsewhere in the Belgian Congo ca. 1953: Luc de Heusch Films the Tetela-Hamba Wesley Mathew Reality in Ethnographic Film: Documentary vs. Docudrama Daniela Vavrova Cinema in the Bush Maureen T. Schwartz Searching for a Feminist Western: The Searchers, The Hired Hand Giulia […]Continue Reading
Journal of Video Ethnography Call for Reviewers The newly launched Journal of Video Ethnography (JVE) is a venture of DePaul University’s Social Science Research Center. JVE is the first ever peer-reviewed journal of ethnographic films and videos. The aim of this journal is to advance the social scientific use of video/film as a method for […]Continue Reading