Till now all the announcements has been published in this website for free.

As you know Visualanthropology.net is the most important website about visual anthropology and all related sub-fields.
As you know a website requires money and work.

In the next months only Ethnodoc members will be authorized to publish their announcements on this website.
But some announcement, at our complete discretion, will be accepted even if the the sender is not an Ethnodoc member.

To all the organizers of commercial events (see note below) will be required the Ethnodoc membership.

Your announcements will be also spread through Facebook, Twitter and our Newsletter.

More details will be published in this webpage.

Ask more info writing to: team@ethnodoc.org


* Commercial events = festivals and conferences where a fee is required to participants; workshops; advertising of video or publications (without sending us a free copy of the dvd or book/journal); etc