Art Practice as Research. Inquiry in Visual Arts by Graeme Sullivan – Pennsylvania State University, USA 2010, Sage Publications Art Practice as Research, Second Edition continues to present a compelling argument that the creative and cultural inquiry undertaken by artists is a form of research. The Continue Reading
The Feeling of Being There. A Filmmaker’s Memoir Richard Leacock Book + DVD 2015, The Feeling of Being There” is a riveting autobiographical epic spanning almost the entire history of cinema as seen through the eyes of one of its leading players. From “Canary Bananas”, his first movie in 1935, to a musical production […]Continue Reading
This sharp, innovative book champions the rising significance of ethnographic research on the use of digital resources around the world. It contextualises digital and pre-digital ethnographic research and demonstrates how the methodological, practical and theoretical dimensions are increasingly intertwined. Digital ethnography is central to our understanding of the social Continue Reading
Censorship is alive and well in the art world. Artistic expression is as vulnerable in democracies as it is in authoritarian regimes when it comes to sex, religion and the limits of tolerance. From international shows in the Gulf and the Far East to leading museums and galleries in the US and London, contemporary artists fall foul of local laws and sensibilities. Index on Continue Reading
Though his work was little known outside Italian intellectual circles for most of the twentieth century, anthropologist and historian of religions Ernesto de Martino is now recognized as one of the most original thinkers in the field. This book is testament to de Martino’s innovation and engagement with Hegelian historicism and phenomenology—a work of ethnographic theory Continue Reading