From This Day Forward a film by Sharon Shattuck (2015, 76 mins) Bullfrog Films Distribution Website With her own wedding just around the corner, filmmaker Sharon Shattuck returns home to examine the mystery at the heart of her upbringing: How her transgender father Trisha and her straight-identified mother Marcia stayed together against all odds. From […]Continue Reading
Tribal Justice a film by Anne Makepeace (2017, 87 mins) Bullfrog Films Distribution Website TRIBAL JUSTICE is a feature documentary about a little known, underreported but effective criminal justice reform movement in America today: the efforts of tribal courts to create alternative justice systems based on their traditions. In California, the state with the largest […]Continue Reading
The Search for General TSO a film by Ian Cheney (2014, 73 mins) Bullfrog Films Distribution Website This mouthwateringly entertaining film travels the globe to unravel a captivating culinary mystery. General Tso’s Chicken is a staple of Chinese-American cooking, and a ubiquitous presence on restaurant menus across the country. But just who was General Tso? […]Continue Reading
A Bold Peace a film by Matthew Eddy and Michael Dreiling (2017, 89 mins) Bullfrog Films Distribution Website In his famous “Cross of Iron” speech in 1953, President Eisenhower critiqued the military-industrial complex while asking, “Is there no other way the world may live?” In Costa Rica today, we glimpse another way to live. In 1948, […]Continue Reading
Visual Ethnography Vol. 6, N. 1, June 2017 VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY. TOOLS, ARCHIVES AND RESEARCH METHODS Issue edited by Camilo Leon-Quijano and Florencia Muñoz-Ebensperger Summary VISUAL ETHNOGRAPHY: TOOLS, ARCHIVES AND RESEARCH METHODS. INTRODUCTION Open access article. Register the journal to read it CAMILO LEON-QUIJANO FRAMING A STORY OF POSSIBILITIES: THE Continue Reading
Celling your soul a film by Joni Siani (2017, 48 mins) Bullfrog Films Distribution Website Note: There are two versions of the film on the DVD: 48-mins and 26-mins. In one short decade, we have totally changed the way we interact with one another. The millennial generation, the first to be socialized in a digital world, […]Continue Reading