Visual Anthropology, Vol. 29, N. 3

Visual Anthropology, Vol. 29, N. 3

Special Issue: Visual Revolutions in the Middle East

Visual Revolutions in the Middle East
Mark R. Westmoreland & Diana K. Allan

14.3 Seconds: Politics, Art and the Archival Imagination
Peter Limbrick

Thinking with X-rays: Investigating the Politics of Visibility through the Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid’s Photography Collection
Zeynep Devrim Gürsel

Street Scenes: The Politics of Revolutionary Video in Egypt
Mark R. Westmoreland

“Film!”—The Arab Revolutions and the Filmmaker as Amanuensis
Peter Snowdon

Seeing Revolution Non-Linearly:
Alisa Lebow

Watching Photos in Shatila: Visualizing Politics in the 2011 March of Return
Diana K. Allan

Touched from Below: On Drones, Screens and Navigation
Anjali Nath

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