OBRIGADA (2005, 29 min.) by Lindsay Goodall (
Free viewing on till December, 1.
To show your event here (conferences, film, lectures, etc.), please contact Ethnodoc.


The Society for Visual Anthropology’s Film Festival screens work by students, professional anthropologists, and professional filmmakers at the American Anthropological Association’s annual conference.

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ETNOFILm, the ethnographic film festival in Croatia, is pleased to announce the opening submissions for the competitive part of 6th edition of the festival. The Festival will be held in the city of Rovinj, from April 24th – 26th 2014 and organized by the Ethnographic Museum of Istria.

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EURORAMA 8, 2014
One Europe of peoples in ethnographic film festivals

Trento 27th – 28th April 2014

Filming the other, filming the intangibile
To the far east of Europe: Russians and Romanians horizons

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Convegno-Rassegna MAV 2014 Materiali di Antropologia Visiva 27-28-29 novembre 2014 a cura di Emilia De Simoni, Vito Di Bernardi, Laura Faranda, Francesco Giannattasio, Giovanni Giuriati, Antonello Ricci Call for movies Il Convegno-Rassegna MAV, storico appuntamento biennale di antropologia visiva, è stato ideato da Diego Carpitella nel 1985 al Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari…

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SIEFF – Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival XVI International Ethnographic Film Festival 22-27 September, 2014, NUORO (Italy) Registrations for the Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival (SIEFF 2014) have started! Entry Rules, Entry Form (to be filled-in on line) and more information on the Festival will be found at our homepage: Submit your film Tweet…

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Visual Ethnography, Vol. 3, n. 1, June 2014 >

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Journal of Video Ethnography Call for Reviewers The newly launched Journal of Video Ethnography (JVE) is a venture of DePaul University’s Social Science Research Center. JVE is the first ever peer-reviewed journal of ethnographic films and videos. The aim of this journal is to advance the social scientific use of video/film as a method for…

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DOC ONLINE – Revista Digital ed Cinema Documentario n. 15 (12/2013) DOCUMENTÁRIO E HISTÓRIA Tweet #visualanthropology

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